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A Web performance and load test tool for testing web sites / web applications. Features include easy to use scenario builder and powerful scripting for high customisability. Developed in .Net C#.

This .Net 4 desktop application uses session archives (save files) from fiddler2 and C# scripts to create test scenarios. Once created these scenarios can be run to simulate load on a web server. The scenario builder creates a friendly and easy to use environment while the scripting functionality allows a very high level of customization.
Release notes: New Release
Improved the results view:
TE Added a summary chart.

TE Changed the validation error order to show validation errors before compile errors.
TE Improved script item validation.
TE Changed the behaviour of the Create New Scenario button to add the scenario created to the current project.
TE Changed the delete shortcut behaviour of the tree view in scenario builder to only fire when the tree view is in focus. Which resulted in the delete node being triggered when trying to delete text elsewhere.
TE Debug Window now shows warnings and errors
TE Fixed a bug where script actions inside folders weren't being compiled.
TE Improved the information shown in the list box for the project.
TE Added new members ActionItemCollection that allows for easier iteration through all actions (including child actions).

Improved the fail behaviour when the results cache file cannot be created in a specified location:
TE Cache file will revert to temporary or application dir if custom path errors.
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Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

Tags: load test tool   website performance   performance tester   load test   tester   performance  

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